Terms & conditions

A booking is considered as accepted once a formal confirmation of booking is received by guests. On receipt of the confirmation document a deposit of 30% as noted in the confirmation should be sent to our – UK bank  (if the booking is agreed in sterling) or Spanish bank (if the booking is agreed in Euros). Any dicrepancies should be advised within 24 hours of receipt of the confirmation document. Receipt of each payment is acknowledged by us via email.

A final balance payment is due six weeks prior to arrival date. A final invoice will be sent in time for that payment (by bank to bank transfer as with the deposit) to be made.

Any cancellation by the client must be notified in writing directly to John and Jacky Kennedy. If the notification is received more than six weeks before the clients scheduled arrival date, only the deposit will be retained.

If less than 6 weeks before scheduled arrival date,100% of the holiday cost will be retained.

It is recommended that clients take out holiday insurance that covers the loss of deposit or total holiday cost paid etc. in case of a circumstance that causes ones inbility to travel and / or take up a holiday booking for whatever reason.

We make every effort to ensure that house descriptions are correct, however we do not take any responsibility for  events that are beyond our control or are not included in a clients booking confirmation details .

We reserve the right to alter our prices for unbooked holidays at any time which may become necessary due to circumstances which we are unable to control.

Arrival not before 2.00pm and departure by 10.00am. unless otherwise agreed with John or Jacky Kennedy.