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Please contact us, we would be delighted to hear from you!

If you wish to enquire concerning any of our villas or apartments 
providing the following information (after checking availability on
our up to date availability calendar) will help us to deal with your
requirements quickly and efficiently.

Please include the folllowing in your message:

Intended arrival date and departure date

Number of adults

Number of children and ages of children - so that we are able to
provide an accurate quotation

The name of the contact person for your party / family

A valid email address for contact

A telephone number if you are prepared for us to phone you (including
the  international dialling code).

Or if you wish you can phone on +34 620 329 412 (Jacky's mobile) / 34 662 672 061 (John´s mobile) or +34 928 527 204 (Home -  evenings are the best time to catch us in).
You can also email us on

We will respond in a short a time as possible - always within 24 hours!

Thank you,

John and Jacky Kennedy
John and Jacky
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Terrace at Bodega Stratus
[Our Rural Villas][C/Margarita][C/Camella ][Prices][Availability][Terms and Conditions][Testimonials][Surfing][Wedding]